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Just need something simple? Our brochure websites are mobile and Google friendly and give you a solid foundation to build upon.

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Just need something simple to tell people what you do?

Our brochure websites are fully responsive, feature-rich and give you a solid foundation to build upon. Below you’ll find the pages and features we include with our brochure sites.

Brochure web design UK - home page icon

Home page

Every website needs a home page, it’s the first page visitors land on when they visit your domain name.

Brochure web design UK - about page icon

About page

Your about page is where you tell visitors more about your company and what you stand for.

Brochure web design UK - Products & services icon

Products & services

You should have a page for each product or service, highlighting the features and benefits.

Brochure web design UK - FAQs icon


Visitors may have questions, a frequently asked questions page can help them find the answers.

Brochure web design UK - Portfolio icon


Visitors may want to see examples of your work, a portfolio page is where you would showcase them.

Brochure web design UK - Testimonials icon


Visitors may want to see reviews from customers, a testimonial page is where you would show them.

Brochure web design UK - Blog icon


Your blog is an opportunity to help your visitors. Give them free tips on a subject they need help with.

Brochure web design UK - Contact icon


This is where you tell visitors how to contact you. Include a form and map to show your location.

Brochure web design UK - Privacy policy icon

Privacy policy

This is where you tell website users how you will process their personal data and comply with GDPR.

Brochure web design UK - Terms & conditions icon

Terms & conditions

This is where you tell customers about the terms and conditions relating to your business activities.

Brochure Website Pricing

Brochure website features to include…

Brochure website features - Content editor icon

Content editor

Brochure website features - Contact forms icon

Contact forms

Brochure website features - Google maps icon

Google maps

Brochure website features - Newsletter signups

Newsletter signups

Brochure website features - Image slideshows icon

Image slideshows

Brochure website features - Image galleries icon

Image galleries

Brochure website features - Video galleries icon

Video galleries

Brochure website features - Social media icon

Social media

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